De grondregels voor een geslaagde presentatie zijn voor de academische wereld zowel als voor de commerciële sector gelijk. Spreken voor publiek gaat vooral om het maken van een verbinding met je toehoorders.


Onze Engelstalige presentatie trainingen vinden plaats in opdracht van internationaal georiënteerde Universiteiten en bedrijven. Uiteraard zijn de programma’s ook in een Nederlandstalige versie beschikbaar.


Het verbeteren van je presentatie vaardigheden is een persoonlijk proces waaraan je het beste werkt in kleine groepen of tijdens individuele sessies.



Veni Vidi ERC Training


As it gets more and more important for scientists to be able to talk about their research in a clear an engaging way, a course in presentation skills turns out to be very useful and relevant. At Maastricht University and the TU in Delft we train young researchers in presenting their research proposal in front of a committee that could grant them a Veni or Vidi grant, 250.000 to 800.00 euro's each. In the past five years, our candidates obtained more then 15 million euro's for their research projects.




Tailormade Workshops and

Personal Coaching


Sometimes you need a special program on a specific presentation skills issue.

For yourself or for a smal group.

Give us call or mail us and we will see what we can do for you !

Persuasive Spokesmanship

a course for International Businesses


Success, whether it be in business, public affairs or academia, often hinges on whether the delivery of a message has spurred the other party into action. In our world of information overload, simply being heard is not enough. In the precious time that you have their attention you need to convince your audience of your take on reality and the role you would like them to play in it. How do you achieve this? You do not just speak to them, you engage and persuade them.


This professional course in Persuasive Spokesmanship combines theoretical and practical tools for public speaking with insights into the psychology of persuasion.

The course serves the needs of the workplace with a number of short interactive (2 hours)  modules taught ‘on site’ over a period of 3 to 4 month, either individually, in duos or in in small groups (max. 8 people). This way people can put their newly acquired skills into practice without the need to travel, or spend whole days on a training.



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